Raised to Life

Raised to Life

Raised to Life

Let me share the testimony of Patrick with you, who was brought back to life in the name of Jesus.

On the 30th December 2017, Patrick, who was not a born-again Christian, went out clubbing with his buddies in London. He had left his wife at home with the children, to go and party with his friends. 

As he was coming out of the nightclub, early in the morning of the 31st December 2017, he was drunk and so were his buddies. One of his buddies wanted to try on Patrick’s fancy hat, but Patrick was not willing to lend his fancy hat to his buddy. 

They had a small altercation, then Patrick walked away from his buddy. But the buddy came from behind with a glass bottle of champagne, and hit Patrick on the head. He collapsed and died on the spot!

The Police went to his wife at the house in London’s outskirts, to inform her of the death of her husband, and the criminal investigation they were now conducting.

Every morning in HOPFAN Glasgow church, we have a prayer meeting from 7:00am to 8:00am. That morning of the 31st December 2017, just 10 minutes after we had started our prayer meeting, the landline rang. The Lady of the house answered the call, and took it in the corridor so that she would not disturb the ongoing HOPFAN morning prayer meeting.
Three minutes later she came back into the living room and the countenance of her face had changed. I interrupted the prayer meeting and said to her: Mama Dodee what is wrong? she answered:  Brother Gery, I have just received a call from the wife of my nephew, and she said the police are at her house, and Patrick, my nephew, is dead!  

And I said to her: Mama Dodee, do you believe the report of the police that Patrick is dead? She replied: no, brother Gery, I believe the report of the Lord Jesus!

I said to her: what does the report of the Lord Jesus say about Patrick’s case? to which she replied: by Jesus’ stripes Patrick was healed according to Isaiah 53.

I said to her: Mama Dodee, the police have said that he is dead, so the scripture on healing is not relevant in his case. Then she said: Jesus is the resurrection and the life according to John 11. I said to her, well done, give me a second scripture; for by the mouth of two or three witnesses, including the witness of the Holy Scriptures, every word must be established, that it is the will of God. 

She said: Psalm 118:17 promised I shall live not die, and declare the miraculous work of the Lord in my life. I said, well said! Jesus also said: I am He who lives, I was dead, and behold I live forevermore and I have the keys of death and of hades according to Revelation 1:18.

I said it is enough, we have three witnesses of the Holy Scriptures, let us now pray for Jesus Christ to bring Patrick back from the dead. So we prayed in the name of Jesus, and commanded the spirit and soul of Patrick to return into his body.

Meanwhile, in London, the paramedics had tried six times to resuscitate Patrick, and according to the medical report he was dead for 30 minutes; then all of a sudden when the Paramedics had given up on their sixth attempt to resuscitate him, his heart restarted on its own. So the paramedics rushed him to one of the hospitals in London.

We received a phone call in Glasgow from London that he is back to life, but none of his members are moving, and the doctors said to the wife; since he died for 30 minutes, he will be a vegetable and will not come out of that coma state, it is better for them to just unplug the machines. Hearing that news, the wife cried even more. SO they called us in Glasgow to inform us of what the doctors said. I replied, do not unplug him, the Lord Jesus who restarted his heart after being dead for 30 minutes, will also perfectly restore his brain, even though that brain had no oxygen for 30 minutes. Within a week he started to wiggle his toes, the doctors said, they do not have any hope at all, the wiggling of the toes is just muscle spasms. To which I replied to the wife and the family: Jesus will restore him perfectly. 

In the second week, Patrick was awake and responsive and within a month he was perfectly sound, spirit, soul and body. He did not know why he was in the hospital, for he was physically in perfect health. So one morning he said to one of the nurses: what am I doing here? Nobody had told him that he was in the hospital because he had died. So he asked the nurse, since I am fine, can I go home? The nurse was new to that ward, she did not know what Patrick was in for since he was perfectly healthy.
So Patrick discharged himself from the hospital and took the underground to go to his own house.

When he was almost close to his house, one of the nurses who worked in the hospital recognized him. And she came close to him, she said: Patrick what are you doing out of the hospital? He said I am going home, I am fine and nobody can tell me why I should stay in that hospital. She calmed him down and called the police, they were there in a short time to pick him up and return him to the hospital ward.

To cut the story short, they discharged him and a couple of months later they explained to him in therapy with the psychologist, what had happened to him. He stayed at home a whole year and in February 2018 he resumed his civil engineering job. 

Patrick is now a born again Christian who is always in the church in London and attending night vigils and prayer meetings. He no longer walks in the paths of the ungodly in drinking parties. The goodness of the Lord Jesus led him and his whole family to repentance.

The purpose of signs, wonders and miracles is to lead people to repentance, so that they can forsake their past sinful life to make Jesus Christ Lord over their lives.

Today you can also receive Jesus and benefit from His goodness. All you have to do is to genuinely repent of your sins, forsake them and say to Jesus, come be Lord over my life, from today I will serve you with all my heart, all my mind and all my strength by obeying your commandments. Amen!

Agape love
Pastor Gery Malanda

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Jim’s Testimony of how Jesus healed him of stage 4 cancer!

Jim, sent me a facebook message saying: hello, Gery!
I had an appointment with my oncologist the consultant this morning, and it was three months since the chemo finished.
Great news.

My cancer is undetectable.

He also checked my bone density as a chemo weakens the bone, and my reading was, in his words, perfect.

That’s the word of the oncologist.

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William’s Testimony

In that submission, there’s actually great great freedom, and you know who the Son sets free is free.
Indeed, I’m free from all the addictions permanently, I’m free from mental health, serious mental health that I could have nearly died and many times and I’m free from all chains and bondages.
I Praise the Lord every day of my life, my wee sister was born again last year and there has been family reconciliation.

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Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 

Jesus said to him,

 “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 

Jesus said to him,

 “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.


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“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 

Jesus said to him,

 “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.