Jim’s Testimony of how Jesus healed him of stage 4 cancer!

Jim’s Testimony of how Jesus healed him of stage 4 cancer!

Jim’s Testimony of how Jesus healed him of stage 4 cancer!


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We are going to uh to hear the testimony of a brother, Jim stock in the name of Jesus if he can put his camera and unmute his mic as well in the name of Jesus, and he would share with us what the Lord has done for him And for his wonderful family in Jesus name, he looks handsome hallelujah.


Thank you.

The checks in the post, jerry checks, the posts, okay, folks, um, back around, I’m going to go back a few years back to around march 2018.


I’ve been unemployed.

Just before that, I was working a job in Glasgow, and it was a horrible.

It was one of these small companies, it was a billy huronit, and I was subjected daily to bullying and undermining, and I hated the job and actually it got so bad.

I just went on the sick one day and didn’t go back, and it’s I’ve never done that in my life before.

But you get a point where um it was intolerable, and nelly said to me one day: it was so bad um.

I was shaving in the morning and I was actually vomiting into the sink; we’re just distressed and worried, I’m going to work and nearly said to me one day why you put yourself through this just give up, I said well we’ll get party people with The mortgage and other bills, I’mI’m responsible, she’s.

No, it’s it’s! It’s killing you, so I just went on the sick, and after about six or seven weeks, i just resigned from it, which meant i was.

I was really not working as I made myself redundant per se, so only four weeks passed, and I started my job in march 18, 2018 and again it was another small company, um 65 people, and it was a great job.

Nice people friendly people, no bullying, no bullying and no carrier, just great great working, a great atmosphere, and I really enjoyed it.

I was really enjoying it, but unfortunately the financial situation – the company wasn’t too great and in march 2019, like it made redundant, which was a big disappointment, um really nothing i had done.

The company was about trouble, and at that point, I thought about going back to working at and I thought sending CDs out at my age and jumping through hoops the interviews and people interviewing.

You have only got maybe 20 of the knowledge experience that I’ve got in my particular and area of expertise.

I thought i can’t be bored with that, going jumping through hoops for people, and so i say just to retire in march 2019, so I’m giving up and um.

I got a month into it, uh until April 2019, and i had this recurring cough i’d been.

You know in for about at least two months and before i i stopped work and then and April 21 for another month and my mother, kept at me, get to the doctors, get to doctors, go and see the doctor.

You see that advocate in the tv relic Ferguson you lost both his parents to cancer, don’t get checked, don’t get chicken.

I’ve actually just gave up, and I’ve been with my mother about it, and I thought I’ll go to the doctors and cut a long story short.

I went to doctors, and the cough was there’s nothing to do with what was wrong with me, but some other issues which I spoke to the doctor about and that kind of started.

The big deal tunnelling with the NHS, and I was diagnosed with closely advanced prostate cancer.


Um, which means it sprayed out the prostate into other parts of the body, it’s in bones and then lymph nodes, and I got through also a diagnosis of cameras and places that you don’t want to have cameras, and they told me I was at stage four cancer.

Well stage, four is the end of the line stage.

There is no stage five-stage.

Four is as the end of the lines per se, so um I thought sugar.

This is.

This is doing my plans.


Let’s say i didn’t vote for this.

I didn’t uh volunteer for it never signed this contract, so I went through the treatment and the treatment started about say September.

I think it was September 2018 through all the treatments and diagnosis and biopsies and all that stuff.

We took a late holiday that year and they went away to Tenerife for a week and uh funny enough.

They um just the plane, just landed in Tenerife, and I switched my phone on and there’s a message from old boss saying how you’re doing house things uh.

I’ve got a job come up, um, it’s only part-time, 20 hours a week.

Do you fancy it? I thought great.

It was a company i just left before nine months before six months before, so it was part-time and I thought yeah I’m getting back to that.


So i started back into work and I told them.


I’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

I’m gonna have to get through treatment.


I said: that’s fine, we’ll just we’ll just you manage it and we’ll manage it and we work through it together.

So our treatment started in august of that year, 2019 late august and uh i made up my mind.

I was going to fight this.

I’m not accepting this.

This deal wasn’t a bad deal, so uh, we worked through it and the days I got my chemotherapy through six sessions of chemotherapy, which has only two players and the chemotherapy itself is not tough.

It’s the after.

I think once your father, when they’re too pleasant but um, I made a point of saying: I’m not giving up I’m going to fight this and the day I had the chemo I took the day off the day after I went to work as normal and worked Through it and up until actually had six sessions and in December 2019, the treatment ended and after that, just shortly after about February 2020, I met jerry.

Jenny came to the house to baptize nelly in the house.

Here we met jerry and we charted and explained the situation and jerry gave me some track bible tracks to read.

Then I’ve actually got them here, but I taped him up on an a4 sheet and I printed them off and alarm needed them just to help me and the one.

I remember most was psalms chapter 118, verse, 17, and it says I shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord, and he gave me other ones.

One was Isaiah chapter 53, verse 5, but he was wounded for her transgressions.

He was bruised for our iniquities.

The chastisement for our peace was upon him and by his stripes we had healed and nearly when he before total the third one was psalms chapter one with e versus one two three and it’s blessed.

The lord o, my soul, and all that is within me bless his holy name bless the lord o, my soul and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your iniquities.

You, he heals all your diseases, and the fourth one was exodus chapter 23, verse.


So you shall serve the Lord, your God, and he will bless your bread and water and I will take your sickness away from the midst of you, so that was back in February 2020 and soon after that I started joining uh the praise with nelly and attending I’ve never actually physically attended the church in Glasgow.

It’s always been online, so we went to the bible class on a Wednesday in the church on the Sunday in the healing service on Saturday and uh.

What happened beyond that see? I was back to the company.

I was working on, it was a great company, but then the march 2020 code appeared it’s ugly head, and the project I was working on get suspended um.


It was quite a big project, and the board of the company in Sweden decided to keep the money in their pocket, and because of the covert and the social distancing uh, they put all surplus people out the office and my contract suspended.


That was fine um.

So during that time I get regularly.

Every month i go for hormone injections as part of the treatment the chemotherapy is over.

Now it finished in December, um, 19 and all through.

Since then i got a monthly hormone injection and i go for checkups the consultant.

As he’s a top consultant in Scotland um my guy, dr David Dodds, and he deemed a tegucium every every four and once and i go regularly a couple of days before that – you go bloods, taken GP surgery and they analyze them.

And then you go and meet with the consultant, and it gives you the results here and it’s it’s nerve-shafting for those two weeks before that meeting.


It’s it drives you crazy, because there’s only good news and bad news, there’s no great area in between, so you’re not going to get good news and feel great, and it’s going to be an absolute disaster.

So it’s quite stressful, so um, and in the meantime I’ve continued playing the the players from the crib sheet that i made up and attending bible classes now Wednesday and then uh.

My last visit to see the consultant as it was yesterday Friday, and so I’m now, like 14 or 15 months from the end of the chemotherapy, and when I went yesterday, they analyzed all the bloods and the cancer is undetectable in my body and all the other Functions to check for liver function, kidney function, bone density are all normal, there’s no problems at all.

So so i praise the Lord and and and thank the Lord, and i thank jerry and all the people that’s prayed for me, but I’ve survived to fight another day.


So that’s my testimony and i please alone say hallelujah amen.

Thank you.

Okay, actually, the first we were planning to baptize the sister nelly and she was uh.

We wanted to do that initially, first of all, like the sister rosemary and then after nelly thought about it.

He said: okay, I would do that in my own.

Actually, we were praying to be in gyms uh in the nelly’s house, because we were targeting uh.


We were targeting the gym so when I finally nearly agreed that we would do the water baptism in uh in a house, so my target was not truly the water baptism.

A target was a gym to get him saved and get him healed in the name of Jesus, so that was around February like he said, and I went to the house.

I think we spent more than an hour talking.

So i told testimonies of prostate cancers being healed, and sometimes when people receive bad news, they think that that’s it that’s the end.

They truly believe everything that the doctor says, but we have dr Jesus he’s our physician.

He has a better, a better, better result than what a hundred percent he heals all your diseases, he forgives all your iniquities and he heals all your diseases and I always treat people as if they were going to be a Christian.


If i deal with you uh it’s, my aim is to get you saved, so i will get you participate.

That’s why I gave him the scriptures that he would be confessing with his own mouth, but when I was in his living room, the Lord said to me in four days he’s going to be healed.


So i asked him: when is your next appointment with the doctors to check so he said doctor i think he said to us at the end of the the month that was his appointment.

I said: okay, that’s fine! There’s no need to do early the test, so we would wait for the one that you would do at the end of the month.

So we we did uh the water baptism of nelly and then uh.


We drove back to our play respective places and then on uh.

In fact, even Jim did not even give me his number at all and on the 13th of March, at the six uh 2020 at the six uh at 16 37, he sent me uh, uh Jim, sent me a what um facebook messenger message say: hello, jerry! I had an appointment with my oncologist the consultant this morning, and it was three months since the chemo finished great news.

My cancer is undetectable uh.

He also checked my bone density as a chemo weakens the bone, and my reading was, in his words, perfect.

That’s the word of the oncologist.

The reading were perfect because we’ve crushed Jesus, there is perfect wholeness, and there is a perfect soundness.


Everyone who touches the hand of the government of Jesus, the bible, says in Matthew, chapter 14, verse 36.

They were made perfectly whole, and then also the bible says in acts.

Chapter 3, verse, 16 faith in the name of Jesus and the use of the name of Jesus has made this man.


That was a people perfectly sound.

So there is a perfect wholeness in Jesus and there is a perfect soundness and, according to the consultant, according to his own word, the constructor says that the reading of Jim was perfect.

That was in uh on the 13th of march uh.

So he said, praise the Lord, the Lord, for his intervention so, and he showed me the the plastic thing that the paper that he laminated with the scripture that he showed you as well.


So admiral answer was what praise the Lord Jim.

This is great news now serve the Lord Jesus, because God does not heal us that we can go back to our vomit and go and serve other gods.


So and then he said, I certainly will, sir.

So that was the next.

The check that he’s uh talking about today, that was another uh check, just to confirm that the previous result that were already perfect according to the consultant, is still perfect and will remain perfect in the mighty name of Jesus Jesus Christ.

The same yesterday today and forevermore .

Jim, sent me a facebook message saying: hello, Gery! I had an appointment with my oncologist the consultant this morning, and it was three months since the chemo finished. Great news. My cancer is undetectable. He also checked my bone density as a chemo weakens the bone, and my reading was, in his words, perfect. That’s the word of the oncologist.

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“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 

Jesus said to him,

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