Hopfan – Can Christians Celebrate Halloween?

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Come home

The aim of this study is to see the father’s heart toward all who are lost, our responsibility and our response to the love of God. This scripture can be applied to backsliding believers or to heathens or unsaved people. We want to know what God says about backsliders and heathens. Does God give them a second chance or nth chance? The prophets of old have depicted God’s heart for the lost and so did the apostles, the reason we...

Neither do I condemn you

Many of us can relate to the story of that woman caught in the very act of adultery or any other sin. Even well meaning, born again believers miss the mark sometimes. We ask ourselves these questions will Jesus forgive me or will he condemn me. Should I hide my sins from God? Maybe it is better for me to run away from God, for He is so holy and cannot stand sin and sinful people? These are legitimate questions...

David’s sexual sin exposed

God is an honest employer. In the days of Jesus, the people used to work for twelve hours in a day. They would receive for that twelve hours shift, a wage of one denarius. Jesus tells us, that the Landowner is God the Father. When we are serving God, we can expect to receive something from Him. God Himself tells us, that it is not in vain that we are serving the Lord. Therefore, my beloved brothers and sisters, be...

Divine Guidance

The purpose of this study is to give believers some basis of how to receive divine guidance. Many believers are afraid to hear from God; some even believe God does not speak to people today. On a daily basis each one of us must hear from God. 1. What did God say about guiding us? […]

The Power Of Confession

Many born again Christians when they hear the word confession; do not have the full revelation of what God means. We will not try to present an exhaustive study of the subject but a succinct and clear one, with some practical examples. Gery Malanda

Abecedary Of Prayer

The reason for this study is to refresh our knowledge concerning the bases or foundations of prayer. Prayer cannot be taught, but at the same time must be taught. Our mind-sets must be changed or renewed when it comes to prayer. It is just a conversation that one has with his Heavenly Father, with his elder brother Jesus and with his Helper the Holy Spirit. It is a time of communion or fellowship with the Godhead. The fellowship that we...

Return journey Gilgal – Jordan (East)

Believers of old have undertaken this return journey and we all must take the same journey in our walk of faith. This ancient journey is a Return journey from Gilgal to Jordan-East. Everybody has to board the train at Gilgal and we will be calling at Bethel, Jericho, Jordan and Jordan-East. These studies are free to share. Gery Malanda

The Seven Hebrew Words for Praise

The aim of this study is to equip born again believers in the practical knowledge of praise and worship. Many times we have a wrong understanding or rather a limited understanding of what God means by praise and worship. God expects us to praise Him every day, even when we do not feel like praising Him. We will discover in this study that it is possible to praise God every day. God gave His people the Hebrews seven words for...

The Heart of a son or daughter

Paul tells us in the New Covenant: you are no longer servant or slave but son, and if a son then an heir of God through Christ (Galatians 4:7). Many born again believers do not know why they serve their Father God, and have so many questions about the attitude they should have, when they are serving the Lord. We will not be having an exhaustive study, but will try to make it as succinct as possible, going straight to...

Can Christians celebrate Halloween

Halloween is an annual holiday on the 31st October. It has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain (an Irish festival) which is a harvest festival. Because the animals and plants were dying during that period of the year, the people decided to celebrate the dead, so that their animals and their plants would not die.  Celebrating Halloween allowed the dead to reach beyond the veil that separated them from the land of the living, animals were slaughtered and cast...

Leaven in Bread

We will be looking at the leaven in the bread, what it means and what its implications in the life of a born again believer are. Our main scripture is taken from Matthew 13:33. Matthew 13:33 Another parable he spoke unto them: The kingdom of heaven is like leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened. These studies are free to share. Gery Malanda

Going through the fire

Many times believers go through fire in their life, marriage, work place, family, studies, health, wealth, etc. The questions that are in all the minds are: why me? Will I ever come out of that fire alive? Will God show up? And if He does show up, will it be too late? The fire is real, and no one can describe the temperature of the flames better than you, because you can feel them. We will see the example of...

Biblical Prosperity

Whenever we talk about prosperity people are already hardening their hearts; because they think that God is after their money. Unfortunately some preachers who have been labelled “prosperity preachers” have carried that prosperity message beyond it proper boundaries. There is a true and balanced prosperity preaching that lines up with the written word of God, and not the greed of some so called “ministers of god”. We will see in this teaching what God said about prosperity of His people,...

Contracts versus who God is

n the days of Jesus, the people used to work for twelve hours in a day. They would receive for that twelve hours shift, a wage of one denarius. Jesus tells us, that the Landowner is God the Father. When we are serving God, we can expect to receive something from Him. God Himself tells us, that it is not in vain that we are serving the Lord. Therefore, my beloved brothers and sisters, be steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in...

It is well with my children and me

As I was praying and reading my bible this morning, I had so many questions in my heart and I wanted to know what was in the heart of God. I looked at our fallen world and I see so much suffering around me, and especially so much suffering of women and their children when the father of those children has bailed out. I did not want to focus on the action of the man, but I wanted to know...

I am searching for my lost donkey!

Whenever we ignore God and his ways, we are acting like an ass or a donkey. We are being foolish and stupid. People who are unsaved, are definitely acting like the donkey. They are fools and stupid according to the word of God because they say there is no God, and they also do not obey His ways, so they are acting foolishly or like a donkey. Some people may say: I am not a Christian, but I believe in...

He kept the good wine for the end

Many of us, including myself, plan our lives outside God’s counsel; we invite everybody but Jesus and His disciples. Be it a wedding, a career, a business or anything else; one can apply this scripture in his particular case and extract the principles behind the text. Just like in the days of John the apostle when he narrated this event, he knew the mindset of the people. We invite people into our life, because we believe that they can help...

Sailing with Jesus

From the account of Mark we see how the disciples and Jesus were caught up in the middle of a windstorm at sea. The Ship or boat can be equated to a ministry, a church, a career, a family, a business, etc. The Ship cannot harbour for ever. We are sometimes comfortable where we are, for we have moored the ship. The question one must ask himself is: does God intend me to remain here all my life?

You are the Salt of the World

We have all heard countless times about this phrase: we are the salt of the earth. But what is the understanding that the disciples had when they heard it from the mouth of Jesus? One thing we must understand: Jesus and his disciples did not live in the 21st century. We must put ourselves in the shoes of the people of the 1st century, and understand this saying according to their everyday life and their customs.

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