Mission Work in Tanzania 2019

Mission Work in Tanzania 2019

Mission Work in Tanzania 2019

Mission Work in Tanzania 2019

Mission Work in Tanzania From December 16th to 29th 2019, In the Region of Kigoma, Province of Uvinza, Village of Kazuramimba.



In October 2016 we received a Facebook message from a local church in Kenya, who had branches in Tanzania, Malawi and Uganda. They were under spiritual attack from the powers of darkness, especially witchcraft, magic and Islamic powers. They were looking for an apostolic ministry to come and help them deal with the spiritual powers that they were contending with, train their pastors and leaders, and then conduct healing crusades to bring the people to Christ.

It was like the call of Paul to Macedonia in Acts 16:6-10. But at that time it was not convenient for me to go down there; for I had just come out of the 42 days in detention at Dungavel by the home office and as the bible says, strike the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered. Although I strongly felt the urge of the Holy Spirit in that call, yet we had to rebuild the House Of Prayer For All Nations here in Glasgow first, and strengthen it; but I made it a point that when it is convenient, I will go and help them down there 1Corinthians 16:12.

We re-launched the healing crusades in Glasgow in July 2016 and also started rebuilding the HOPFAN church, and in October 2019 I felt in my spirit, that though I was previously hindered by Satan to go apostolically to help those churches, but now it was time to go to them – 1Thessalonians 2:18.

We agreed that I would be traveling after our last healing crusade in Glasgow which was on the 14th December 2019. The initial programme was to only spend two weeks in Africa. And I decided not to focus on the four countries at the same time: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Malawi; instead we decided to focus on Kenya and Tanzania for these two weeks. We encountered immigration problems with the Kenyan high commission in London for the visa, and they wanted to check all the legal documentation of the churches we were working with in Kenya, and they stated that the whole process will take 4 to 6 weeks, because the documents must first be sent to Kenya and back to the UK. We did not have 4 weeks to wait because the flight tickets had already been paid for, so we had to cancel the Kenya mission to focus on those two weeks in Tanzania, and therefore flight tickets were changed to Tanzania.

We informed the HOPFAN church leaders and members and Richard and Pauline Fleming of TBN UK who gave us a financial donation that we put toward that mission in Tanzania. For we deemed it necessary to inform all who supported us in prayer and financially of any slight change to the initial mission plans.

We are truly grateful for the prayer coverage that Pauline Fleming and her team gave us while we were in Tanzania, and also the Hopfan church prayer coverage. For we know that without their prayer coverage and their emotional support, and financial support, this mission trip would not have been possible or successful. Because I know that through your prayers and God’s provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, what has happened to me, will turn out for my deliverance and the deliverance, the salvation, and the healing of many people in the region of Kigoma in Tanzania (Philippians 1:19).

I flew out of the UK on Sunday 15th December 2019 for Dar Es Salaam and on the 17th December I flew from Dar Es Salaam to Kigoma and from there we drove 2 hours to the village of Kazuramimba with the delegation of pastors that came to pick me up at the airport.


The mission work in Kazuramimba Village, Uvinza province and Kigoma region

When I arrived in Dar Es Salaam on the 16th of December 2019, there were no more flights to Kigoma, for there is only one flight a day to Kigoma. Therefore I took a hotel room close to the airport so that I could fly on the next day. Two church Christian brothers welcomed me at Dar Es Salaam, and they explained to me that the reason why they called me and wanted me to go to the region of Kigoma was because it is the headquarters of witchcraft in Tanzania, and also in that region people still do human sacrifices and eat human flesh and drink human blood in spiritual rituals, to get power.

They had invited a preacher from the USA, but when he got to Dar Es Salaam airport, he received threats from these demonic people, so he fled for his life and never set foot there. I perceived in my spirit that those words were a veiled threat of the enemy to put fear in my heart; but God has not given me any spirit of fear, but of power, love and sound mind (2Timothy 1:7). I said to those two Christian brothers in Dar Es Salaam and those pastors and leaders in Kazuramimba in Kigoma, that I, Gery Malanda, am the battle-axe of the Lord, His choicest weapon of war that He has deployed to destroy the powers of darkness, witchcraft, magic and religious spirits, with me the Lord will destroy them (Jeremiah 51:20-23).

We at the House of Prayer For All Nations, believe that just like Jesus Christ sent the ten lepers to go and show themselves to the priests, who were the physicians of their days, we also do not despise medical people in the fact that we send the people to the medical doctors after prayer has been made for them, to check if they are healed, and in our team we have medical doctors and social workers, for we believe that we should preach the full gospel that addresses the spirt, soul and body of people (1Thessalonians 5:23).

In our team we had Dr Elbert and his wife, who is a social worker, a victim of rape herself, and worked with the UN to help the refugees in that region, who are victims of rape and young people who attempt to commit suicide, they are seen in this picture below with me.  


We started the pastors and leaders training on Wednesday 18th December 2019, we had morning and afternoon sessions. The Lord was glorified because all the pastors in Kazuramimba and those who were at least 3 hours driving distance, came with their leaders for the training, including the church of England bishop and his leaders who also came to be trained, the bishop of the assembly of God and his pastors and leaders also came during the training, and they also joined the crusades we held every evening. There was unity of faith between churches and denominations to see God move mightily in that small village of Kazuramimba and the places around it. Below is a picture of me, and on my right hand in the picture, is the bishop of the Church of England and his wife and the son on the far right, and on my left holding a baby, is Prophet Edward Ochieng, from UBC churches of Kenya, who invited me to help them, and on the far left is Doctor Elbert.   NB: the Anglican Church down there is fully Pentecostal.


The ministers and leaders training sessions we held in the morning and afternoon, focussed on teaching them the authority of believers over the powers of darkness, over witchcraft and over magic and religious powers. I quickly changed the format of the training to ask them to also include youths and anyone who was willing to come, for it is important that all believers know their God given authority through Christ Jesus, to tread upon serpents, scorpions and destroy all the powers of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt them according to Luke 10:19.

I have to confess that when I arrived at Kigoma airport, I said to myself: Gery who told you to come here. And when we drove those two hours to Kazuramimba, all the way I was saying to myself: Gery, you are crazy to come here. I was a bit disappointed because those who invited me did not tell me the whole truth about the living conditions, and about the ground breaking nature of the work that I would be involved in. So the first Tuesday 17th when I arrived after their welcoming committee had received me and we had had lunch, I told them I needed to rest. The truth is I was disappointed I had never been in a village in my life, and here I was deep in the village. I talked to God that night about my frustrations. But at the end I said: “here I am Lord, I surrender to You, whatever you want to do here do it through me, I am just a weapon in your hand, your battle-axe, wield me to cut down the trees You my heavenly Father did not plant, and break down the altars of Baal, witchcraft, magic, and religion and human sacrifices”. I truly cannot blame them, if that preacher from the USA left when he received a threat at Dar Es Salaam by the witches and wizards, and never set foot in Kigoma region, they might have thought I would not come as well if I am given all the details. But after I had reasoned with God that night of the 17th December according to Isaiah 1:18, I was ready for business with God to be His weapon of war.  

The first healing crusade was held on the Wednesday 18th December 2019 in the evening, I remember the preaching of T.L Osborn that he preached in Kenya with his interpreter in Swahili: “Yesu Kristo ni yeye yule, jana na leo, n ahata milele” which means: Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, today and forevermore Hebrews 13:8. And I preached my heart out that the things which are impossible with men are possible with God, for with God nothing shall be impossible (Luke 18:27) Yes, TL Osborn is dead, Reinhard Bonnke is dead and I wept profusely on my knees in my living room when I received that news on December 7th, and I said to God:<< here I am Lord, send me, I will arise and lead Your people to the land of Promise where they will have salvation of spirit, soul and body; for just like Bonnke used to say: “God does not sit with the sitters, He goes with the goers”>> (Isaiah 6:7-8, Joshua 1:2). So here I was in Tanzania, in Swahili land, and I was going to preach the same message that T.L Osborn preached and lead souls to Christ every night like Bonnke and Osborn did for the glory of God through Christ Jesus. Below is the picture of me preaching the first night of the healing crusades and the second night on the 19th December 2019. My interpreter in Swahili is Rev David who was theologically trained in the UK, and is now pastoring a Pentecostal Church in Mwaza, a day’s journey from Kazuramimba. People truly came from afar to be part of what God was doing there.


That first night of the healing crusade 4 deaf people heard instantly, all who had arthritis where healed instantly, all pains were cast out and healed instantly, we prayed for many who were epileptic, we prayed for barren women for them to conceive, we prayed for those who were demon possessed and they were set free. And we lead the people through the prayer of salvation. The name of Jesus was glorified. When we have time we will extract some of the videos of the preaching. On average the crowds we got were about 300 people, on our best days we gathered about 500 and on our worst days when the rain fell upon us we gathered about 200.

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Leading the people through the prayer of salvation
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People praying the prayer of salvation


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People listening to the preaching


Every night many came forward to receive salvation and confess Jesus as the Lord of their life.

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The first night more than 100 came forward to receive Jesus as their Lord.


Then I laid hands on the sick and prayed for them one after the other using an interpreter.

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The Little child had fever and we prayed for him and the fever left just like Jesus prayed for the fever of the mother-in-law of Peter in Matthew 8:15.
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The little boy had pain in his stomach and I commanded the pain to go, and he was set free and the pain left. In fact all people who were suffering from pain after I prayed for them, were set free of pain.
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This bipolar child was brought forward for prayer after I have shared the testimony of a brother in Nottingham who was healed of bipolar.


I soon learned that laying hands on hundreds of people is not easy at all, especially when you have to listen to the problem of each one of them. The following days I proceeded to pray a general prayer of healing so that people could start receiving their healing in their chairs or where they were standing. And I started involving the other pastors who had been through the training to join me in laying hands on the sick for the first night, and the second night I spend two hours laying hands on the sick. Many Catholics came to the crusades also and we explained the gospel of Jesus Christ clearly and they came forward to receive salvation and were prayed for and healed of their sickness.

On that Wednesday 18th December 2019, when I went back to the motel at 23:00 I slept and though I had a mosquito net, there was a swarm of insects that invaded my bedroom, they were so noisy that I thought they were in the thousands. But I prayed and slept; in the morning at 4 AM when I woke up to pray, they were all dead on the floor, and there was also a dead frog. But I had a vision and in that vision there was a small net that fell at the bottom of a big aquarium. And that net sprang up and caught all the fish in that aquarium. I rejoiced in my spirit.

I also had a vision and a sorcerer appeared in my room naked, so I took a javelin that was in my hand and thrusted her through, and then I came out of that vision. Then I had another vision and I saw “men of God” doing homosexual acts of worship like when priests in the days of Hosea used to consult the oracle of Baal, and were asked either to sleep with the female temple prostitute or the male temple prostitute to receive an oracle from Baal.

So I realized that it was not just the people who were in idol worship, witchcraft, magic and religion, but the “men of God” also were visiting those places to get spiritual power. So on the 21st of December 2019 during the day training, I gave them the warning that Jesus gave to the church in Revelation 2:18-23, that if they do not repent of their evil practice and leave the church of God alone, Jesus will kill them. And I taught them that there was no power in them, in fact Jesus taught us that Satan, or Beelzebub, the master of flies, it only takes the power of the finger of God to crush that fly according to Luke 11:19-20.   

I preached in those same lines during the healing crusade on the 21st December, many Muslim ladies came to give their lives to Christ at night, just like Nicodemus in John 3 who was afraid of the religious leader, but was amazed at the miracles Jesus was performing. So we led the Muslims to Christ after the crusade was over, when everybody had gone, the same thing also for the Catholics, because in that region when a Catholic goes to another Christian group, he is excommunicated and his parents are suspended from taking Holy Communion. So Catholics also came late at night to receive Jesus’ Salvation, but as time went these were no longer afraid of religious leaders they came forward for prayer of salvation, and to receive prayer for their healing, even when it was still bright for people to see who they were.

I challenged the people to bring all their witchcrafts artefacts, all their magic things, etc. we would burn all of them, and I challenged all their witchdoctors and their religious leaders to let them pray to their God to kill me, and if their God cannot kill me, then it means that my Jesus Christ has more power than their gods. I explained to them and to all the pastors that are looking for power outside of Christ, that in Judges 6, Gideon the mighty man of valour of God, destroyed the family altars, and Baal could not even kill Gideon. In 1Kings 13, the Prophet of God cursed the religious altar and it was broken in two and that god could do nothing to the prophet, in fact the king had to beg the prophet to restore his health. There is no power in those worthless dungy idols.

The following morning people brought us their witchcraft artefacts, the umbilical cords of their children, the hair of their children, the first excrements of their children, the potion and powder filled with human bones, and ashes of those human bones that they were drinking. When people wanted me to pray for their healing, the Holy Spirit revealed to me other things they had at home, and I asked them to go and take it and bring it, or else I would not pray for them. The wizard told them that if anybody takes it, they will die. I told them there is no power in those things, the power of the devil is just like a fly, and with only the little finger of God I will crush it in the name of Jesus. They brought those worthless things, we burned them and broke the curses pronounced by the satanic priests; because we are the priest of the Most High God according to Revelation 1:6, our job is to undo the works of the priests of Satan.

Burning the witchcraft artefacts of people like in Acts 19


And I preached day and night on how the power of the devil is so insignificant compared to the power of God. So many more people were now turning away from witchcraft and human sacrifice to come to Christ Jesus, our sacrificial lamb, for whenever we partake of the Holy Communion we eat His flesh and drink His blood, for His flesh is meat indeed, and His blood is drink indeed; we have a better and more powerful human sacrifice, even the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. No human sacrifice or eating of human flesh, or drinking human blood, is more powerful than the blood of Jesus, and the flesh of Jesus that we partake at Holy Communion. There is power, wonder working power in the blood of Jesus Christ.

The following day during the morning teaching session two ladies walked up to me and confessed that their husbands were the ones doing human sacrifices and eating human flesh and drinking human blood, so they wanted to find refuge in Christ, because I had explained that He is a better sacrifice, and since I had been burning the witchcraft artefacts and those human bones, and those priests of Satan, their gods could not kill me, so it proved that my Jesus was more powerful. What also helped was I had preached that there is even the guilt of shedding human blood, God promised to acquit us, if we turn to Christ, not just he will acquit us, but he will also love us freely (Joel 3:21, Hosea 4:14).

Also David who murdered Uriah when he repented, he prayed in Psalm 8 that God would silence the avenger of blood, in other words that it will not be life for life, but God would spare his life from the avenger of blood. He would not have to look back in fear all his life, whether God would allow his enemies to avenge the blood of their loved ones that he shed. And also in Genesis 4, God also put a mark on Cain, who murdered Abel, that even though the blood of Abel was crying out for vengeance but nobody would touch the life of Cain; and in the new covenant when one turns to Christ, the blood of Christ is speaking mercy that is triumphing over judgment, rather than the blood of Abel and all who were murdered, that is crying out to be avenged; they were all avenged in the death of Jesus Christ (Hebrews 12:24, James 2:13). When people understood the true gospel of Jesus Christ even those who had abortions came forward and confessed their many abortions, for they now understood how forgiving God is.

On Sunday 22nd the Lord impressed it on my heart to preach on how God can use little children to spread his gospel. I told them of the little girl who was working for the wife of the Syrian general in 2Kings 5. She told her mistress that if her master was in Samaria there is a prophet there who can cure him of leprosy. The mistress told her husband the general and he came to see Elisha the prophet and I explained to the adult what Jesus said: “Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these Matthew 18:16”.

As soon as I finished a little girl that was about 11 came to me and spoke in Swahili, my interpreter told me that she was saying that her mother is dying at home so she sent her to call for me. So I followed the little girl. And my interpreter and the pastor followed me too. It was around 20:00. When we arrived in her home I saw her on a mat and she was barely breathing, she had not eaten for a long time because whatever she ate she vomited it. The Holy Spirit told me it was HIV AIDS. I went into her home with Dr Elbert and his wife the social worker too. I had shared during the crusade how God healed people with HIV AIDS in Scotland that came to our crusade and the doctors confirmed that they were healed. So we prayed for that lady according to Ezekiel 37 and I commanded all the organs to function and her spirit or breath to come back into her body.

Then I said to the daughter give her some water and cook some food for her to eat. She had to go to the market first that night, I said to them give me water put some sugar in it she will drink and not vomit it at all. The lady that was cooking for us came with us into the house of that sick lady. I told her bring some of your hot milk and beans and give her something to eat. We sat her up she drank water and we left that lady who was cooking for us, and came back to the house of the sick lady to give her milk and beans, she ate and slept. I told the young boy of that sick lady, tomorrow when I have finished teaching the morning session come and take me I will follow you again home to come and pray for your mother. The following morning the boy came to the morning session and as soon as I finished I followed him home. His mother for the first time sat up by herself, ate lunch and drank and did not vomit anything. And she was getting better and better as Dr Elbert examined her.

After that many people who had HIV AIDS came forward for prayer too. We visited a home where one of the ladies was very sick and as skinny as a broom. We prayed for her and I left. I had to train the pastors to do home visits and pray for the sick at home, that is what James 5 told us, to call the elders to come and pray the prayer of faith that will raise the sick. The next day in church the lady that was sick and skinny like a broom, was dancing in church and my interpreter signalled me to look: that is the woman we visited at her home yesterday and now she is dancing, in fact she danced every day with the dancers of the choir until I left Kazuramimba. I was brought to tears because of the goodness of the Lord Jesus. Many men who had prostate cancer came forward for prayers, women with breast cancer, uterine cancer and all kinds of cancers came forward. And Jesus Christ was glorified once again.

Image may contain: 18 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor
Me with the little children sending them to their home to tell the good news to their parents that Jesus Christ heals today. The aim is to get everyone involved in the spreading of the good news.

During one of the healing crusade nights, the Lord impressed on my heart to preach that He came to set the captives free and open the prison door to those who were oppressed. That He meant it literally. So I preached, and of course many people responded to that message. But I told the people in the morning, I will do counselling, so one young lady came that morning. She said she was married to a Muslim man who was not allowing her to work, and was not allowing her to cook for him and was beating her, and she had already lost three pregnancies because of the beating. I tried to give the counsel of the bible, but the Holy Spirit told me there was more to it than the domestic violence. Then I explained to her that as a Christian she was my sister, and I would fight for her, like my own younger sister. Once I had explained to her what it means to be in this Christian family, she then opened up and confessed that she is a Christian and her father is from Burundi and her mother is from Tanzania. They fled the war in Burundi and settled down in Tanzania at the border with Burundi. She was living with her grandmother but her brothers are in Burundi. And one day she went to a Christian crusade, and when it was over, she was coming back home. Her brothers had gone back to Burundi and she was walking back home to her grandmother. Then a group of Muslim men fell on them and kidnapped her and the other women, she was 15 when she was kidnapped by the group of Muslim men.

She was brought far away from her grandmother, and became that Muslim’s sex slave. He would beat her up to convert her to Islam, break her ribs, she would bleed until she miscarried. When he would leave for work at 7:30am that is when she could get out of the house.

I asked her if she wanted to go back home to her grandmother. She said yes! I told her – do you want to keep that baby that is in your womb from that kidnapper of yours? Though you are already bleeding from the beating he gave you? She said no! I do not want to keep his baby, if I go home to my grandmother with this baby, I will be an outcast forever. So I prayed 2Samuel 12, when God was not pleased with David for the murder of Uriah and taking his wife; God took away the child. I know it is a controversial scripture to many Christians, but I think I know God was not pleased in the fact that his daughter, who went to attend a crusade, had been kidnapped by a son of the devil, and turned into a sex slave for a whole year!

We prayed and I gave her money that would cover her travel to the next town, and then from the next town to the border, where her grandmother was. She was to travel with an elder from the church, and tell nobody and say goodbye to nobody; lest the kidnapper be informed and kill her. The following day she could not leave the house because her kidnapper did not go to work. But she came the following day during the afternoon session, and told us why she did not come. And the next day she started to miscarry that child, and pieces of human flesh and blood was coming out of her private parts. That kidnapper was scared, he left the house for two days, he was nowhere to be seen. In the evening the bleeding stopped, she came to see us and told us that all came out, and the bleeding had stopped, that she was ready to travel in the morning. I gave her some money also to go and see a doctor when she arrived at the border, and in the morning she travelled with one of the elders to be reunited with her grandmother about a day’s journey. We all had tears in our eyes when she opened up and shared how she was kidnapped. And we know that there are many other girls there that Muslims have kidnapped. They are living in fear and they convert to Islam because they are being beaten mercilessly until they convert.

The evil thing is that her Muslim neighbours knew she was kidnapped, and the parents of that man knew she was kidnapped, they were the ones asking their son to beat her more, so that she would convert to Islam. She had no clothes, the only clothes she had were given to her by her neighbours. When the government fails those girls, the church must step up and set the slaves free. When the whole community fails and covers up those kidnapping and sex slaveries, the church of God must step up and set those captives free, for we have been called for such a time as this.

Bishop Lameck and the now 16 year old kidnapped girl as we are planning her escape plan.

When the rain did not allow us to conduct crusades outside, we held it in the church, and it can seat 500 people, and more when people stand at the back and on the sides of the church. Below are the pictures of the session inside the church building.


On the 27th December 2019 we went to Kigoma, to do a prophetic action on the site where Dr David Livingston, who came from Scotland, first arrived in Africa. He used to buy the slaves from the Arabs in the slave market, and free them, and preach Jesus to them. And many of those slaves who were freed stayed with the missionary David Livingston and went everywhere with him on his expedictions. They partly invited me into that region of Kigoma, not just because of the apostolic ministry that God has given to us, but also because we are based in Scotland and they saw it as a prophetic action. Below is me and the local team doing a prophetic action where Dr David Livingston pitched his tent under the mango tree.

After the death of Livingston missionaries took stones from Jericho and build that monument to Livingston and put a map of Africa with a cross in the middle of it: meaning Africa for Christ and Africa shall be saved. We prayed the same prayer that just like the wall of Jericho fell down flat that the people of God took possession of the Land, the Lord had given to them, likewise, the power of Islam and their evil deeds will fall, the power of sorcery, magic, witchcraft and human sacrifices will fall down, and as those walls come down, the saints will march on, not just in Kigoma region and Tanzania, but through all Africa, because the Lord had delivered Africa into the hands of His saints , just like He said to Joshua: “See! I have given Jericho into your hand, its king, and the mighty men of valour (Joshua 6:2). Today the Lord is saying: See I have given you Africa into your hands you saints of God, see I have given you Europe you saints of God. You need to see it in the spirit and start acting accordingly and march on this continent for Christ to set those captives free in the name of Jesus Christ.


At the shore of Lake Tanganyika where the missionary from Scotland, Dr David Livingston landed, to set the captives free and lead them to Christ, among those slaves that he literally set free were CHUMA and SUSI who went on to become Christians, and serve with Livingston for the rest of their lives. Gery Malanda also has come from Scotland, to preach the gospel in this region of Kigoma, has shown the way of salvation to many, has healed the sick, cast out demons in the name of Jesus and has literally also set a kidnapped girl, turned into a sex slave free.



Just like Paul the apostle said, I also Gery Malanda the apostle of the Lord Jesus says: So I will very gladly spend for you everything I have, and expend myself as well. If I love you more, will you love me less (2Corinthians 12:15)? You cannot put monetary value on the price of the human soul. Though we initially sent money to the team hosting us in Tanzania to rent the sound system, the generator and pay for the fuel and the hotel accommodation, and the feeding of the pastors, once on the ground we realised that there was so much need and whatever we estimated was too small. Like I said to the pastors down there, I put my faith in Jesus, and if I have spent all we have, it means that we need to go home. I will not borrow for God’s work, for when God gives a vision he gives a provision. A borrower is a slave to the lender. And David said I have been young and now I am old and I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging for bread. I believe as minister of the gospel we should not be beggars or begging people to supply for God’s work. If we run out of money, we know it is time to go home and prepare for the next assignment God has for us.

    Now unfortunately people down there do not believe you when you tell them you have run out of money, they think you can just pick up a phone and people will send money. You have truly to put your foot down and say that is not how you function. And there is an ocean of financial needs and educational needs. Many young girls came forward for prayer and their prayer points were just that God will allow them to go to school. Some families their prayer point was to be able to feed themselves. When you have helped one to go to school, and another to start a small business to feed their family, you see it is only a drop of water in an ocean of needs. You need to say I can’t help everybody, but I can offer prayer that God will make a way where there seems to be no way. And even if I have limited resources, my God does not: and My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches by Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19).

We visited a project of a church building and a secondary and high school that was abandoned because the funding stopped. We prayed that God will revive that work. The concern of Christian parents is that though they have, they want to send their daughters to school, the daughters had to ride a bicycle for 2 to 3 hours to go to secondary school or high school, and they fear for the safety of their daughters at night, when they are riding their bicycles back home.

Below is the picture of the abandoned school building project.

  The first night of the crusade we had about 50 people who gave their life to Christ. The other nights of the healing crusades on average it was about 30 people who gave their life to Christ. All local churches were involved in this programme and I asked the pastors to write down the names and the details of those who gave their life to Christ and do a follow up and see to it that they join the churches. I explained to the people why they need to go to church, it is just like a baby if it is not breastfed it dies of starvation; likewise a born again needs the pure milk of the word of God that he gets from the church. I explained to them why they should pray, praying is simply talking to God, and why they should read their bible, reading your bible is God talking to you. But some of them do not know how to read. Fortunately for us we have four school teachers; I asked them to do adult reading lessons for free in the church, not in English, but in their vernacular so that the people can learn to read the bible. I hope they will follow it up.

It has been a great and memorable mission time, but I have discovered that laying hands on people one by one is not do-able as numbers increase, the Christmas service we held in the church building I had to lay hands on about 500 people because they all needed the touch of God, it took me about 3 hours. There is a need for a whole team of trained ministers to do crusades, I can’t do it on my own. I was exhausted beyond my human limits, I lost my voice from preaching day and night. I also have understood that though God might be in this earthen vessel, I need to learn to manage this earthen vessel and take care of my vocal cords too. So we decided to cancel the healing crusade of January and February in Scotland, so that I can rest my physical body and resume the healing crusades in Scotland in March 2020.

On the 27th December 2019, I had a vision and outside of my motel, there were so many snakes hundreds of them and the fire fell down, thrown from heaven and consumed them. When I came out to see. There were all those snakes burned down, then I called down fire again to burn them to ashes this time the fire came down and burned them all to ashes. Then I had a vision in a vision, of prison doors being opened and captives coming out, then I woke up. The Lord was saying that just like pharaoh’s magicians’ rod turned into serpents, God’s fiery power has consumed to ashes the powers of darkness that kept the people captive and their prison doors have been opened. So my last teaching day on the 27th December I shared the two visions with the leaders, and taught them about the end of the drought, and the Lord was sending the rain of the Holy Spirit and the abundance in the region according to 1Kings 18.

I would like to thank everyone who has laboured in prayer and fasting for this mission trip to be a success. I would like to thank Pauline and Richard Fleming and the TBN UK team for supporting us in prayers and financially for the mission trip. I would like also to thank all the leadership and church members of House Of Prayer For All Nations, and the friends of HOPFAN for your support, spiritually, financially and emotionally. May the Lord bless you and keep you. I returned to Glasgow in Scotland on the 30th December 2019. Join us in prayer for God to do mighty signs and wonders in our land of UK and our continent of Europe and its 50 nations, for the harvest is truly plentiful here in UK and Europe, but the labourers are few. We have answered the call to go, may the Lord continue to confirm His word through us with mighty signs and wonders following for His glory. Amen


Agape love,


Your brother Gery Malanda, the apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Raised to Life

Let me share the testimony of Patrick with you, who was brought back to life in the name of Jesus. On the 30th December 2017,

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Jim’s Testimony of how Jesus healed him of stage 4 cancer!

Jim, sent me a facebook message saying: hello, Gery!
I had an appointment with my oncologist the consultant this morning, and it was three months since the chemo finished.
Great news.

My cancer is undetectable.

He also checked my bone density as a chemo weakens the bone, and my reading was, in his words, perfect.

That’s the word of the oncologist.

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William’s Testimony

In that submission, there’s actually great great freedom, and you know who the Son sets free is free.
Indeed, I’m free from all the addictions permanently, I’m free from mental health, serious mental health that I could have nearly died and many times and I’m free from all chains and bondages.
I Praise the Lord every day of my life, my wee sister was born again last year and there has been family reconciliation.

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Authority of the Believer Part 1

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Divine Guidance

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Leaven in Bread

We will be looking at the leaven in the bread, what it means and what its implications in the life...

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Going through the fire

Many times believers go through fire in their life, marriage, work place, family, studies, health, wealth, etc. The questions that...

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Biblical Prosperity

Whenever we talk about prosperity people are already hardening their hearts; because they think that God is after their money....

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We will be doing a series on the perfect redemption plan of God for every believer whether they know it...

Jehovah-SHALOM, THE LORD IS OUR PEACE Gideon had the revelation of Jehovah-Shalom, the Lord is our peace. The Hebrew word...

Jehovah-RAAH, THE LORD IS OUR GUIDE, our SHEPHERD, our PASTOR We are building the same Kingdom of God, and there...

THE NEED FOR GOD’S PRESENCE In part I of the Perfect Redemption Plan, we explained that in the beginning, when...

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God has provided Himself a Lamb God gave dominion over the earth to mankind, in the book of Genesis. He...

The word Rephidim means balusters: in other words many balusters have been placed around a location to form a balustrade...

Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 

Jesus said to him,

 “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.


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“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 

Jesus said to him,

 “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.


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